Measurement and control systems

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Kappenberger + Braun Elektro-Technik spol. s r.o.

Basic merits

  • long experience in the field
  • tight links between production and company-owned design department
  • team of experienced electrical fitters specialized in M&R
  • long-continuing collaboration with renowned manufacturers of M&R technology
  • own customer service department helping you round-the-clock

Installation of measurement and control systems

  • measurement and control of heat sources (boiler plants, heat-exchange stations, solar energy systems, heat pumps)
  • measurement and control of cooling equipment, air-treatment and air-conditioning systems
  • control systems for technological processes including deliveries of software
  • energy consumption measuring
  • visualization of processes and technology procedures
  • "intelligent buildings", EIB systems (European Installation Bus-bar)

K + B Elektro-Technik spol. s r.o. K + B Elektro-Technik spol. s r.o. K + B Elektro-Technik spol. s r.o.

Examples of completed orders and reference jobs demonstrate capabilities of K+B Elektro-Technik to meet your requirements with the high quality.