Buildings Thermography

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Kappenberger + Braun Elektro-Technik spol. s r.o.

Buildings Thermography

No one can influence the growth of energy prices, but everyone can decide on how much energy he/she spends. No one can determine the exact time and place of a failure; using a thermocamera, failures can be diagnosed and even prevented subsequently.

Thermography of Buildings and Electrical Equipment

Infrared thermography makes it possible to diagnose any electrical, electronic and mechanical components and elements. If used in a preventive manner, it is possible to prevent expensive production outages. Thermocameras are the instruments used for operative measurement in thermo-diagnostics and predictive maintenance. The high thermal sensitivity and resolution of their sensors facilitate reproducible measurement of even the least temperature differences of 0.1 degree of Celsius.

Why thermo measurement?

  • To find any overheating parts of electrical equipment
  • To prevent critical situations and production outages
  • To prevent the occurrence of material losses and fires
  • To visualize heat losses
  • To inspect constructions
  • To localize hidden defects

Application possibilities in power engineering

  • Monitoring LV, MV and HV cables
  • Monitoring electrical networks
  • Monitoring transformers
  • Inspection of electric motors, bearings, transmissions
  • Inspection of electrical switchboards
  • Inspection ofphotovoltaic cells
  • Inspection of thermal insulation of boilers, hot water and steam pipelines
  • Technological measurements of product heating uniformity
  • Inspection of building insulation (walls, windows, doors)

Advantages of thermocamera measurement

  • Instantaneous defect discovery (e.g. overheated cables, overloaded electrical elements, defective contacts, broken hot-water piping in floors and walls)
  • Prevention of occurrence of further and greater losses
  • Photovoltaics – check of panel efficiency
  • Cutting heating cost by discovering thermal bridges
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Quick defect discovery
  • Prevention of further losses by inspecting and assessing thermal insulation quality
  • Verification of building construction insulation properties
  • Prevention of fire occurrence from electrical installations
  • Contactless measurement, no difficulties in measurement of even hardly accessible places
  • We supply printed protocols with thermograms, thermal scales and charts
  • Digital measurement, allowing to process further and store data on CD

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