K+B Elektro-Technik - Heavy current instalations

Heavy current instalations

Basic merits

  • long experience in the field
  • close links between production and in-house design department
  • team of experienced electrical fitters
  • long-continuing collaboration with renowned manufacturers and suppliers of electrical components and materials
  • quality monitoring by internal quality assurance department
  • turn-key delivery - from the design to the final acceptance
  • in-house customer service department helping you round-the-clock

Heavy current installations and fitting of electrical equipment

  • cable distribution systems, internal HT and LT distribution systems, transformer stations
  • internal lighting wiring systems and installation of lighting
  • electrical installations in buildings
  • installation of EIB system (European Installation Bus-bar)
  • distribution systems on industrial premises and factory buildings
  • electrical installations for technology equipment, production lines and working machines
  • public lighting including illumination and spotlighting of objects
  • external and overhead cable distribution systems, LT and HT supply lines
  • lightening conductors (including active lightning arrestors)