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Photovoltaic Power Stations

We construct turnkey photovoltaic (solar) power stations all over the Czech Republic. We have already supplied many industrial applications and solutions for apartment houses. With its rich experience in designing and installing solar systems, our firm ranks among the leading PVPS suppliers in the Czech Republic.
PVPS are renewable energy sources. Photovoltaics represent ecologically clean production of electrical energy from solar radiation and contribute to saving fossil fuels. The PV system comprises an array of photovoltaic panels interconnected with each other using conductors to form strings. These are brought to converters to convert the direct-current voltage produced by the photovoltaic panels into the alternating voltage of the distribution grid. Photovoltaic panels can be installed on inclined and flat roofs of family houses and production shops, facades, balconies, recesses or supports installed on the ground. The panel active side should face southward and the ideal gradient of the panels is from 35° to 45° as against the horizontal plane.   

Main Advantages of PVPS:

  • independent on electrical energy supplies from the mains
  • solar energy is inexhaustible
  • trouble-free operation requiring minimum maintenance
  • real estate improvement
  • environmentally friendly (producing no waste, gas or noise)
  • fossil fuel saving
  • high reliability and long lifetime of solar panels
  • quick return on investment

Using your solar power station, you can become independent on power in the future. Your cost of living will decrease owing to the earnings from the solar power station, and you may even make a profit. Thanks to the guarantee of subsidized purchase prices, photovoltaics have become a profitable investment in terms of rate of return on the invested means. Your purchase prices are guaranteed for 20 years.

Solar Radiation

The Czech Republic is among the much suitable localities to construct photovoltaic power stations. The minimum luminous intensity in the territory of the CR is 950 kWh/m² and the maximum luminous intensity ranges from 1250 to 1300 kWh/m². PVPS profitability depends on a whole number of factors: climatic conditions in the particular locality, real estate specificities, altitude, season, cloudiness, and total air pollution in the locality.